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Address: 6 Floor, Kailai Building, Songfu Blvd, Heping Village, Fuyong, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Full Service Chinese Dental Lab with Free Shipping

Foo Tian Dental Lab, located in Shenzhen China, is a Full Service Dental Laboratory with over 100 technicians. As an ISO certificated lab, we specialize in the fabrication and timely delivery of excellent metal ceramic crown and bridge restorations, Emax crown and veneer, Non-prep veneer(Ultra thin veneer), zirconia crown and bridge, implant crown and bridge, Full arch Malo implant bridge, acrylic dentures, partial casting frameworks, valplast denture, Invisible orthodontic tray, night guards, sports mouth guards, and other orthodontic devices.

As a Full Service Chinese Dental Lab, we can proudly say we have strictly adhered to our commitment in providing incredible dental restorations on a consistent basis and in scheduled time. Our highly skilled technicians recognize the importance of creating aesthetics that incorporate a precise fit with an attractive natural appearance. We also take pride in the exemplary personal service we provided.

There has been much advancement in the dental field since 120 years of civil war. Not only we have better materials today, procedures and tools also are of superior degree. Similarly, there is lots of advancement in awareness and knowledge of the human body and the effect of this material on our health. The best dentist today would offer and use the outstanding alternatives to mercury filling that existed in the olden period of time.
The Reliable Dental Lab in China looks far superior and actually look like real teeth. For smaller cavities fillings the filling that is tooth colored work excellently. And for the larger cavity, reinforced porcelain is available. Custom made tooth for implants and many other such techniques have resulted in lots of advancement in this field of dentistry. Now the dentist prefers much more promoted methods for filling the tooth cavity and not mercury which is safer, more cosmetic and effective material. 

We always keep upgrading and reforming to lead dental field. You can either send us conventional silicone impressions or models for us to make cases for you or send scan files by email for us to make printed models by our 3D printing machine according to your scan files to make the cases. Sending scan files by email can make the turnaround time at least 3 days shorter than sending impressions or models. We are Free Shipping Chinese Dental Lab with over 100 technicians in Shenzhen China
What’s more, we can supply analogs, castable plastic abutments, preformed metal abutments and customized abutments for your implant cases if you use Nobel, Zimmer, Straumann, Osstem, DIO, Astra Tech, MIS, or other implant systems. So there is no need for you to order the analogs and the abutments there, as we can supply all these here and this can save your time.

If you are considering outsourcing your works and looking for a reliable dental lab, you come to the right place.
·         Delivering international quality standard dental laboratory works
·         Use only CE or FDA approved materials
·         Fast turnaround time
·         Providing exemplary personal service
·         Constant upgrading of skills through education and training
·         Adopting latest technology
·         Make our clients competitive in their market
·         Remake for free if any case problem due to our fault
·         24 hours and 7 days every week available customers service, you can reach us at any time if you want to ask us something related to the cases or other things.